Waterside Economizer

Waterside EconomizersWaterside economizer (WiSE) coils can be placed on both evaporative- and air-cooled chillers to pre-cool fluid before it reaches the compressor(s), reducing the amount of mechanical cooling required to meet load requirements. Often referred to as “free cooling”, the reduction in energy consumed for compressor operation ultimately results in lower energy costs for the building owner. 

The WiSE coil is enabled anytime the ambient outside air temperature is below the return fluid temperature of the system. For units that run 24/7, 365 days a year, the energy savings can be significant. For example, when the outside ambient is 30°F, Capacity from WiSE Coil Operation Charta WiSE coil can essentially provide the entire load for the system with no mechanical cooling required.

The ability to package technology such as a WiSE coil within each custom packaged HVAC system is a hallmark of Mammoth. In addition to performance improvements, our customers benefit from lower installed costs and operating costs over the useful life of their HVAC system. 

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