UltralineFor more than 50 years Mammoth Ultraline custom rooftop systems have set the bar for innovation, custom flexibility and quality in schools, hospitals, commercial offices, government and manufacturing facilities and more.   Just as no two buildings are the same, each Ultraline system is designed to meet the specific comfort, sound, efficiency, and indoor air quality requirements of the individual building it serves – from 20 to 350 tons and 6,000 to 95,000 cfm. 

Ultraline Features and Benefits:

  • Quality Construction – Double-wall steel construction for maximum durability and unit integrity
  • Thermal Efficiency – Fiberglass insulation and thermal break construction provides industry-leading thermal efficiency while reducing sound emitted from the unit
  • Multiple Configurations to Match Application Requirements – Whether your application is better suited for blow-through or draw-through operation, return or exhaust fan operation, or you need unique configurations to match footprint requirements, we have the capability to provide the system that matches your requirements
  • Optimized Condenser Options – Air-cooled, water-cooled or energy-saving evaporative-cooled condensing to match application requirements
  • Innovative Compressor Options - Scroll, screw or centrifugal compressor technology, including an industry first for rooftop DX systems –  oil-free, frictionless magnetic bearing compressors
  • Environmentally-friendly Refrigerants – R-134a or R-410A options
  • Multiple Heating Options to Match Your Application – Steam, hot water, electric, natural gas, oil or propane options to optimize your heating with the most economical solution
  • Optimized Fan Selections – As innovators in the application of fan selections, most recently FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® and ultra-quiet condenser fan selections, Mammoth can provide the right fan to match airflow, static pressure and acoustic requirements for your application
  • Filtration Selections to Match Your Indoor Air Quality Requirements – From simple pleated 30% options to complex 99.97% HEPA final filter systems, carbon or UVGI systems, we can apply the right filtration option to optimize indoor air quality and help earn points toward LEED® certification
  • Custom-Manufactured Coils, Optimized For Your Application –  Mammoth coils offer total flexibility in fin materials and thickness, tube wall thicknesses and header materials to fulfill demanding requirements, including those for coastal applications and other corrosive environments. 
  • Virtually Unlimited Number of Specialty Items to Optimize Efficiency and Indoor Comfort and Air Quality – Energy recovery systems of all forms and types, humidifiers, sound traps – you name it, we have applied it in an Ultraline system
  • Standalone or Integrated Controls – Provide for optimum performance using the control scheme or building management system and protocol of your choice
  • Ample Service Access – Walk-in doors, vestibules that protect service providers from outdoor weather – these are just a few examples of the thoughtful design features that both simplify and encourage regular maintenance and service for optimal performance

For more information on how we can design a custom solution for you, please contact your local representative.

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