Water Source Heat Pump Systems

Efficiency GeoFor an overview of the Mammoth water source heat pump offering, visit our Quick Reference Guide or follow the links on the left or below for more detailed descriptions of individual unit types.

Water source heat pump systems are among the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly methods to heat and cool buildings.  Self-contained, high efficiency units can be located nearly anywhere within a building to serve individual zones.  The system makes maximum use of building diversity, transferring heat from where it is not needed to where it is needed, thereby minimizing the amount of energy required for heating or cooling.  Standard systems include a boiler and a cooling tower to add and remove energy from the loop.  Geothermal systems use the ground, a body of water, or the aquifer as a heat exchange medium, eliminating the energy consumed by a boiler or cooling tower.    

Mammoth is among the original suppliers of water source heat pump systems and has remained at the forefront when it comes to expertise in water source heat pump technology and the breadth of our product offering.  Recent innovations include units from 2 to 70 tons that include un-matched features that provide both industry-leading high efficiency and superior IAQ for use in Healthcare and other sensitive applications, or to maximize points for LEED® certification.  Among the features that can be included are two-speed or digital compressors, three-speed or electronically commutated (ECM) motors , variable frequency drives (VFD), full double wall air tunnels and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, which allows units to overcome up to 3-inches of static pressure for high efficiency (including HEPA) filtration.   

Mammoth units can be found in offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other commercial buildings, as well as high-rise condominium buildings.  The reliability, efficiency and comfort provided by our units is evidence that owners, designers, and contractors have placed their trust in Mammoth water source heat pumps in thousands of installations worldwide. 

For more information on how Mammoth water source heat pumps can benefit your application, contact your local representative.

Mammoth Water Source Heat Pumps


High Efficiency and Superior IAQ Vertical

High Efficiency Vertical
1 to 6 tons

M Vintage Vertical

1 to 5 tons

Twin/Quad Circuit Vertical
7 to 24 tons

 E Vintage V-Cube Slim 




V-Cube Slim™

High Efficiency Horizontal
½ to 6 tons


¾ to 5 tons

Twin Circuit Horizontal
7 to 12 tons

K Vintage Water to Water

5 to 40 tons


Mammoth VHC

DOAS with Enthalpy Wheels
6 to 32 tons

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