Geothermal Systems Offering High Efficiency and Superior IAQ – Only From Mammoth

Mammoth offers FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® in B-Vintage single circuit vertical (2 to 6 tons), M-Vintage multiple circuit horizontal and vertical (7 to 24 tons) and V-Cube Slim™ (15 to 70 tons) units, paving the way to use high efficiency filtration throughout an entire geothermal or boiler/tower water source heat pump system.

Water source heat pumps – particularly in geothermal applications – are renowned for high efficiency, but they are not associated with MERV 13, HEPA or other high efficiency filtration options.  This is particularly true of smaller units serving individual zones, which represent the overwhelming majority of water source heat pumps installed in commercial applications.  The reason is quite simple:  Commercial fans used in most water source heat pumps are either incapable of overcoming the static pressure required to draw air through these filters, or they are incapable of doing so without creating an unacceptable penalty on operating efficiency.

Up until now, the only solution for water source heat pump systems requiring high efficiency filtration has been to incorporate it in large make-up air systems that are often hundreds of feet away from units serving individual zones.  Air is pushed through miles of ductwork into mechanical closets throughout the building where vertical units are floor-mounted.  The cleanliness of each mechanical space is dependent on the building maintenance schedule and any potential other uses that building operators may have for that particular space.  As a result, the cleanliness of air delivered to spaces is often dependent on two-inch, MERV 7 filters typical of units.

The air quality requirements for any air conditioning system are the result of government regulations, industry standards and owner/ tenant preference.  For most applications, a one-inch, throwaway filter is enough to satisfy all of these demands.  For those who require or desire more, including sensitive healthcare buildings and applications where maximum points are being sought for LEED® certification, Mammoth offers heat pumps from 2 to 70 tons that are capable of overcoming the static pressure requirements of higher filtration while offering exceptionally high EER and COP ratings.

These units offer the best of both worlds – industry-leading EER and COP ratings and the ability to use MERV 13 filters or 99% efficient HEPA filters without penalty to efficiency or system performance.  This is made possible through the use of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, the revolutionary air movement system invented by Huntair, Inc., a CES Group company along with Mammoth, Inc.  FANWALL® systems use smaller, direct drive fans and motors enclosed in a cube to achieve the required airflow and static pressure of a given application.  On the smaller scale of water source heat pumps, as few as a single FANWALL cube can easily overcome the added static pressure required for high efficiency filters, while at the same time offering extremely quiet operation, high efficiency and easy maintenance and service.

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